Are you thinking about donating to TruecraftMC? Then you’re in the right place!



TruecraftMC is a very small server that’s run on an HP Slimline Desktop PC. I bought it about 5-6 years ago for $100 Refurbished from Best Buy. I’ve upgraded a few pieces of its hardware; including the harddrive to a 1TB SSD and increased the RAM to 16GB. Here’s the thing though – it’s old as heck. It’s an inevitable fact that it’s going to die eventually, and I’ll have to spend money to replace it or the broken parts. Realistically, I’ll probably have to replace the whole computer since it’s reaching a decade in age.


Any money you can donate will go towards upgrading and maintaining the server and would be greatly appreciated. To do so, please click on the button above to be transferred to PayPal. Thank you for supporting TruecraftMC and as always – Happy Minecrafting~!