Forum Page and Gallery Images

Hey Everyone,


I have the forum up and working. Some people are having trouble logging in though. I wish I could figure out an easier way to make it work but it seems like WordPress wants us to use their login system.


When you go to log in, it should take you to Click on the BOTTOM link that says “login with username and password”. This is going to be the username and password you make when you register. If it tries to take you to, get off the site. That’s for the admin panel which only I have access to. If you have any trouble getting in, send me a private message, and I’ll check it out.


Also, if anyone has any gallery images they would like to submit, I would highly appreciate if you would post them in the forum page for that. I would like to put some more nice pictures up on the front page widget. Let me know if there’s any you think are good enough to go there.


Happy Minecrafting~!
<3 Syd

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