Future Possibility

I mentioned this in the Facebook group earlier, but a future possibility is that the server will be hosted with OVH. OVH is a dedicated server hosting company that hosts dedicated Minecraft servers for a decent price that also come equipped with Anti-DDoS technology. Anyone that played on the server back in 2013 will probably remember that time this kid DDoS’d me like everyday. It’s pretty easy and common for that to happen with Minecraft servers because they’re normally run on standard home networks.


Link: OVH Dedicated Game Servers w/DDoS Protection


OVH is about $125/month, which seems like a lot, but the servers are extremely reliable (and have better components than my crappy, old HP Slimline). That being said, I just recently bought a new car, so I won’t have the ability to make a commitment like this for awhile. If you guys wanna donate to this cause though, please visit the donations page.


Feel free to comment on this post with any additional questions or concerns about this product. Happy Minecrafting~!

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