Hello world!

Hello Everyone,


So here it is – the newly resurrected TruecraftMC website! I’m still in the process of getting a few things sorted out with the site, as well as making sure there’s content on every page. Check back soon to see when it’s all finished.


This website is basically going to be a tool to get fresh new players onto the server (maybe). Instead of posting the IP Address here though, I’m going to leave a form on the Contact page to email me an application if interested. That way there’s like a ‘soft whitelist’ on the server to keep out the unwanted griefers and unpleasant players. Feel free to keep inviting people via word-of-mouth that you know well and trust.


There’s also a forum page that’s basically up and running. It makes it easier for us to all stay connected that way since not everyone here likes Skype (*cough*Kristi). Let me know what you guys think!


<3 Syd

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