As much as we want everyone to have a fun time on this server, we unfortunately do have a set of rules we must all abide by. This is because a lot of people put some serious time and dedication into their building projects, and we don’t want to see them get ruined. Members who are caught or reported breaking these laws in a malicious manner are subject to having their accounts banned from the server. The list of rules is as follows:


1. DO NOT GRIEF THE SERVER: This is one of the biggest offenses. Performing a minor practical joke on someone is one thing, as long as the damage is easily fixable. Burning/blowing up someone’s creation out of malice or for trolling purposes will result in an immediate ban. People come to this server to escape their troubles during the day and relax. They put a lot of time and effort into being artistic. If you destroy it, you’re gone. End of story.


2. DO NOT USE VULGARITY OR OBSCENITIES: This is a family friendly server, and I would like to keep it that way. We already have a handful of young children that play on here with their parents, so please be courteous and respectful to one another. Don’t use obscene language or post links to things that are adult content. Basically, don’t do or say anything you wouldn’t want your own grandmother to hear.


If you slip up and swear every now and then, it’s fine. We’re all human and we all slip up sometimes. If it becomes a problem, I will first issue a verbal warning. If it gets worse, it might lead to a temporary ban. As always, further abuse could lead to a blacklist of your username, and you won’t be allowed back on the server.


3. DON’T CHEAT OR USE GAME BREAKING MODS: Minecraft is open source and is naturally one of the best games to hack and mod. While I don’t mind the use of mods, PLEASE do not use mods (in Survival) that would be considered cheating. This includes mods that allow flight, x-raying through materials to find rare ores, or mods that could potentially break the server. This mainly applies to the Survival side since Creative already allows the use of flight and materials are already given to you.


Anyone caught cheating or using game-breaking mods will first be issued a warning to cease and desist. Failure to comply will result in a temporary ban, followed by a permanent ban.


4. DON’T STEAL PEOPLES’ STUFF: Again, this primarily applies to Survival since in Creative there’s really no reason to steal. But it’s common sense. Don’t take people’s stuff without getting permission first. We do have LWC to protect against theft, but anything left outside a chest doesn’t mean it’s right to take it.


5. DO NOT ASK TO BE MADE A MOD OR ADMIN: The answer will always be no. I don’t appoint people to a higher status that beg for it. I’m certainly not going to give someone I barely know power over my server that I don’t even know I can trust. I appoint people to be what I need them to be, WHEN I think it’s necessary, and WHEN I know I can trust them.


Obsessive whining and begging will lead to having your account muted or temporarily banned depending on the situation.