We only have a few rules here to ensure that everyone has a fun time. Most of the stuff is just common sense – the general idea is that everyone plays games to escape from the hardships of life and no one wants to deal with fights and drama inside their games too. For this reason, we must insist that the rules below are followed, and failure to do so can, and will, lead to being banned from the server.


  1. DO NOT GRIEF THE SERVER: People work hard on their creations. Please do not use TNT, creepers, or other mods to ruin peoples buildings or artwork. Stealing peoples’ stuff or building in their build area also falls into this category. Please respect others.

  3. REFRAIN FROM USING OBSCENE LANGUAGE: We do our best to try and maintain a respectful, family-friendly server. We already have a handful of young children that play on here with their parents; so, please be courteous and respectful to one another. Don’t use obscene language or post links to adult content.

  5. DO NOT ASK TO BE MADE A MOD OR ADMIN: I’m not going to appoint just anyone to be a mod or server admin. These ranks are reserved for people I know personally and trust immensely. Please don’t whine and beg for ranks. I also don’t accept donations in return for rank.

  7. DON’T CHEAT OR USE GAME BREAKING MODS: We have a LOT of mods here that should keep everybody pretty happy. Please don’t use Minecraft cheats like speed hacks, flight hacks, x-ray mods, etc. I try to keep things fun while keeping things fair, so please don’t ruin the game for others who are playing fair.


Rule Enforcers

Feel free to ask these guys for help if you need anything and to also report poor behavior if noticed.
[Supreem Overlord] ClericSydney
[Admin] Erlkonig89
[Admin] Demros
[Admin] ShadowFoxTail
[Mod] Kristilynn
[Mod] mine_fiend
[Mod] N1ghSh4d3
[Mod] Minkyboodle44