World of Color Update


The World of Color Update has been around now for awhile – I just haven’t gotten around to updating the server with working full time and going to school full time. See below for the new features that have been added:



  • New colored blocks:
  • Concrete and concrete powder.
  • Glazed terracotta.
  • Beds are now dye-able.
  • Parrots in multiple colors.
  • Functions.
  • Several commands.
  • Narrator – says what is typed in chat out loud (Ctrl+B to turn on).
  • New sounds.
  • Your hotbar can now be saved and loaded in Creative mode (C+number to save and X+number to load).
    • Changes:

    • Updated color palette of most colored blocks to be more vibrant.
    • Recipe book and Knowledge book.
    • Replacing Achievements with Advancements.
    • Stricter NBT syntax in commands.


Additional Updates:

  • 1.12.1 updated the game credits and fixed a security issue.


I also added another world to the Multiverse so you guys can enjoy all the benefits of a new map and such. Have fun catching all those parrots!

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